The Mount-Blanc Observatory is an information and evaluation transboundary tool, conceived for serving local communities and supporting the sustainability policies in the Espace Mont-Blanc.
The roles of the Observatory are both to observe, through the use of indicators, the evolution of the status of the territory of the EMB and, at the same time, to give an instrument for the implementation of recommendations, strategies, action plans and measures of the Scheme of Sustainable Development.



The Geo Navigator allows several categories of users to use and consult the indicator system of the Espace Mont-Blanc.
The indicators are represented on a geo-referred cartographic base, and can both be viewed on tables or graphics, and produce evaluation technical reports.
All the documents are downloadable.



The selected indicators are evaluation and decision-helping tools, and they supply environmental, social and economic information.
They are based upon the DPSIR model (Driving forces, Pressures, States, Impacts, Responses), which describes the interactions between the humanity and the environment, through cause-effect interconnections.